What are the best cricket sites for earning real cash?

Fantasy sports are different kinds of games often played online that uses the virtual reality of real life professional sports. It is an industry worth billions of dollars that has seen significant rising since the internet was created. Fantasy cricket is one of the games that has made huge impact in the rise of this industry. For example, a country like India have a fan base of about 100 million when it comes to the fantasy cricket. Fantasy cricket is an online game based on the popular sport called Cricket. Without proper knowledge of the principles involved in cricket, playing the fantasy game would be a lost cause.

Cricket is a simple and technical sport with a 250 years’ history. Playing cricket involves 2 teams pitted against each other in a match with the use of a bat and ball. The end product of the game will be a team scoring more run than the other while batting and bowling. Inning is a term used in cricket meaning as one team bats, the other bowls and fields and vice versa. Asides the bat and ball used by the players, there are other equipment used on the field called the wickets and stumps.

There are laid down rules in a match that must be followed, and they are enforced by persons called the Umpires. Different match formats are used in competitions like the ICC cricket world cup, these include the Test, One Day and Twenty20 each with different periods of completion. Australia is a country known to be the most successful in cricket history.

For decades, different website platforms have

Many people are deep-rooted in the ways of cricket, this allows for an experience that is elevating and captivating. It is no surprise that these people would want to play a game that allows them the imagination of having any kind of impact in the outcome of the matches. Money is now being inducted to all aspects of gaming and fantasy cricket is no different. This is now an added incentive that sees people troop in to play the game.

A more in-depth look on Fantasy cricket shows that it involves the virtual reality of how cricket players perform in real life. A team of 11 players is formed from an available 25 to 30 players in the actual competing team hours before match day. The gamer get points depending on how their selected players perform in reality. These matches are accumulated to become a league and the gamer with the highest point at the end wins. A gamer must be skillful to become a success in his fantasy cricket career.

For decades, different website platforms have been developed to aid fantasy cricket gaming. Extensive research has brought up some sites that meet the safe, interesting and legal criteria. Hence, a gamer can play and cash out as much as they can. Some of these sites are; My11Circle, Halaplay, Dream11, MyTeam11, Fantasy Power 11, Ballebaazi, Howzat and many more.

Halaplay: They dabble in other games

My11Circle: It offers free and monetized fantasy games; the free aspect helps to get the gamer well-prepared for the main phase of competing. They are a daily enterprise with cash rewards and prices to be won at any time. A Gamer has to be 18 years or above to participate, entry fees are extremely low, and PAN cards are not required for withdrawals.

Dream11: Having a uniqueness of 2 crores and multiple gaming, it is considered to be a site that broke new ground on online fantasy cricketing. Cash prizes are given according to ranks to players straight to their accounts. A PAN card is required and used for transactions to play on this platform.

Halaplay: They dabble in other games such as football and kabaddi and incorporate the DFS (daily fantasy sports) style. Payment structures of different variations fitted to the gamer convenience are available.

What are the best cricket sites for earning real cash?

Ballebaazi: They have the fresh look and surprise expected of any recent startup. The major aspect of this platform consists of earning potentials during the IPL and one-day cricket matches.

MyTeam11: It gives the option of picking selection of 11 players from both team to play against each other. They offer free wagers when a gamer attains a certain level of expertise.

All these have their different uniqueness, but in common they give joining and referral bonuses showing intentions they are ready to give real cash.