Fantasy Baseball the first two rounds for 2020

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Right across the All-Star break, I took a timeout from the 2019 corporate jungle to imagine what the initial two rounds of a 20 20 draft could look like.

Could there be a case to be made, then, given that the amount of hitters capable of producing production at each position, until they gone for producing nothing but pitchers? My instincts tell me that is taking it too much, though I’ll need more draft reps to say for sure.

How could it be possible so much has changed since that time? Whether you are liking fantasy soccer, fantasy football, fantasy premierleague , or only watch baseball on account of the dream factor.
It should cause much less a consensus mock draft results are popping up anywhere and than once the draft prep season is in positions and full swing.

It also has me asking myself where itself will be revealed by a scarcity soonest, figuring this is the approach and the answer should be obvious. What’s the career we all (yes, every one of us) have fought to fulfill all season long, seeing every transaction deal refused and every waiver wire hopeful flattened?

Needless to say, it kind of feels just like I’m banking in an unspoken arrangement between aspiring Fantasy players not to go hog-wild for pitching early simply because… nobody does. And maybe by the time drafting begins in earnest, I’ll be contested out of my trance to detect sequences would be the money and a paradigm shift has happened.

For now, I’m building a concerted effort to ask myself at every turn if the hitter I’m drafting here is genuinely irreplaceable, of course, if not, I’m taking a pitcher as an alternative. It’s starting pitcher, of course. There are certainly a couple dozen who are good and also a couple dozen who pass for days. Everybody stinks.

We’ll see. But here is a place, if nothing else.